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Water Jetting and Roto Rooting!

Water jetting is the solution for many sewer problems and provides an effective solution for many problems.  When tree roots and other foreign material are the problem, our scorpian cutting tool is the remedy.

Trenchless Epoxy Pipe Lining

Midwest Sewer provides the Nu Flow epoxy pipe lining, specializing in 1½” to 8” pipes.  The epoxy repair is used for spot repair, saving you money.  By creating a pipe inside a pipe, Nu Flow’s process means no more hard scale build-up or root intrusion.  Problem solved!  Guaranteed!

Manhole & Wet Well Rehabilitation

Midwest Sewer uses cementitious and epoxy methods of rehabilitation to restore manholes and wet wells.  The process results in “better than new” product that saves you money.

Video Inspection

Midwest Sewer uses video inspection to locate problems. Video inspection locates the cause of the problem(s) and assures the problem is solved.

Our Guarantee

Our customers are our first priority.  You can count on prompt dependable service.  We are committed to quality service

The complete system for wastewater structure restoration



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